Access to Care

I have written about this a little bit in some of my other posts, but access to affordable dentistry is a struggle for some individuals and families within the United States. This week the American Dental Hygienists Association sent out a newsletter stating that they had achieved affordable care in yet another state!

The American Dental Hygiene Association has advocates that work very hard within legislation to pass laws that will expand access to care as well as other beneficial laws within that state house. This week Vermont passed legislation allowing for a Dental Therapist within the scope of practice in Vermont dental law.

A dental therapist is able to provide care including prevention, education and restorative such as fillings and simple extractions, under the supervision of a providing dentist. This position requires more education at an accredited program for dental therapy. Vermont will join Maine, Minnesota and Alaska providing these services for communities who have limited access to dental treatment.

Dentistry is always changing and growing, and it is an exciting time to be involved in the field. The New Hampshire branch of the ADHA is also working hard to bring these same services to NH. With Vermont passing their legislation, perhaps NH isn’t too far behind.

Wishing you happy, healthy smiles- Jessica