Amazing Changes

Dentistry is always changing. There are always new products, better techniques and procedures being done. Nothing has impressed me as much as the new laser technology. Earlier this year, I purchased a laser to use in my practice. I was excited about how it would improve procedures and allow me to provide treatments I would otherwise refer my patients out for. What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response my patients have shared with me. I have been using my Waterlase for filling preps which is much gentler on teeth and sometimes faster than what I learned in dental school. My patient’s are thrilled with shorter chair time and a more gentle procedure. I have used it for frenectomies with little to no bleeding, no cutting, and no stitches. My patients have been overjoyed when they are almost fully healed 7-10 days later. I can use less local anesthesia on some procedures which always puts a smile on their faces.

Many of my patients are hesitant to see specialists for certain procedures because they are comfortable here with me and my team. It’s nice to see them relax when I tell them I can take care of their crown lengthening, surgical extraction, or biopsy. These are all things I would normally refer them out for. So the amazing change isn’t just the new technology. The amazing change is how good I feel  that I have been able to make my patients happier and healthier at the same time. At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is that they are taken care of. I love my job!

Dr. Brenda Berkal