Crowning Moments

There are two dental procedures that I feel every patient dreads the most. The number one treatment is a root canal (they are much better now than they used to be) and the other is getting a crown. A crown is needed for several different reasons. If the tooth had cracked or broken in a way that there isn’t enough structure left for a filling. If you have had a root canal, the tooth is more fragile once the nerve has been removed and needs a crown to give it strength. The crown procedure used to be long and dragged out over several appointments. The tooth would be shaped, and an impression would be taken. The patient would then be given a plastic temporary to wear home while the impression was sent to the lab. Three weeks later, the finished crown would return from the lab and the patient would have to come in and get numb, try in the crown. If it fit it would be cemented. If it didn’t fit or the color was off it would be sent back for another 3 week period.

You can see what a long, drawn out process this once was. The impressions were gross and cumbersome, and the numerous appointments. Thanks to technology, almost all of this procedure has been eliminated and streamlined.

Dr. Berkal is able to make a crown in one appointment, with no impression, no lab and no temporary!

Our office has what is called a CEREC machine. This machine is essentially a self contained dental lab! It has a computer and a mill which are all within our office. The computer has a software on it that digitally takes a scan of your prepared tooth. This replaces the messy and gooey impression of crowns past. The scan from the computer gets sent to the mill, where a solid block of very strong crown material is waiting to be cut specifically for you. This milling process takes 15-20 minutes so we set you up with a magazine and some water while you wait comfortably. Once the tooth is finished milling, it is polished and cemented into place.

As a patient this is great! You leave the same day with a brand new tooth! So if you have been holding off on a crown because you dread the long appointments, the impressions or hate having a plastic temporary, these are now things of the past. Make an appointment with Dr. Berkal for your CEREC crown and leave the same day with a brand new crown!