String Theory- the truth about flossing

I feel like everyone has seen this “study” about no flossing and immediately texted me saying “HA!” People hate flossing, it is a known fact. If floss were running a presidential campaign it would lose by a landslide! The fact of the matter is, cleaning between your teeth is essential, and brushing alone isn’t going to cut it.

Brushing alone removes plaque and bacteria from the visible surfaces of your teeth. Brushing cannot reach in between the teeth (where most cavities occur) or below the gum line (where bacteria loves to hide). There is a natural space between your tooth and your gum that is about 1-3mm in healthy gums. This space is too small for the bristles of your toothbrush, but is a huge area for bacteria. The bacteria, left undisturbed, have plenty of resources in that space to set up camp. They grow, multiply and this is irritating to the gum. By flossing, the bacteria gets disrupted and doesn’t get a chance to grow and develop.

Flossing, for people with healthy tissue and bone is very effective. Patients who have had bone loss or have anatomical variations may need different tools to clean in between teeth. Proxy brushes, floss threaders, and perio-aids there are so many different tools that would be more effective than flossing depending on your oral health status. Dr. Berkal and Christine are very familiar with all of these different tools and will be able to recommend  which ones will work best for you and your oral health.

Our dental team wants what is best for you and your oral health. We pay attention to the latest studies and technology, and we would be the first to tell you if something was worth doing or not. Dr. Brekal’s team is dedicated to your oral health always!

Wishing you happy, healthy smiles- Jessica