The Growing Season

As the weather warms and the days grow longer and sunnier, I am delighted to see that the trees and flowers are blooming. Spring is a time of renewal and often represents a fresh start. The term “spring cleaning” comes to mind. Though many of us think of the over stuffed closets and far too full garages I tend to think of my patients mouths.

Much like the flora of the spring season, your mouth is also blooming. Bacteria, both good and bad, are constantly growing and setting roots within your tooth and gum areas. These bacteria, if left undisturbed, can cause inflammation and disease, which could lead to dental and health issues over time.

These are facts I have written about in previous posts, but as I learn more about these bacteria and how they affect our body overall, I can’t help but share. When you brush your teeth and floss, you disrupt the bacteria that have grown in those areas, and they immediately begin to grow back. See, much like the weeds of our gardens, oral bacteria needs constant tending. You can plant and fertilize and water any plant, but without maintenance it cannot sustain a healthy state. Your mouth is very similar.

The tools to maintaining a healthy mouth are brushing twice a day for 2 minutes, and flossing once a day. This home routine should be followed by regular visits to our office for professional check ups and cleanings. A healthy diet and regular exercise also promote a healthy mouth and body! With the warm weather finally here, our office hopes to see healthy flower beds and healthy teeth and gums!

Wishing you happy, healthy smiles- Jessica