The Weight of it all

As a culture we all struggle with weight. We also struggle with the excuses of why we don’t excercise. We are too busy, the kids, work, life in general gets in the way. Weight can have a big effect on a lot of things. Our self image and self esteem are certainly in jeopardy, but also in terms of systemic health.

Excess weight puts strain on our bodies. Joints take on extra pressure as pounds pile on, leading to chronic pain and discomfort. Our heart begins to work harder. There is more body mass, more areas to pump blood to, and of course there could be buildup or clogging of the arteries. Weight gain can also lead to diabetes, which for dental health can be detrimental.

The correlation between diabetes and gum disease is staggering. Someone with undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes is more likely to suffer from chronic periodontitis- a condition which causes bone loss, gum recession and can lead to tooth loss. This condition can be managed with proper home care and professional care, but the loss of bone is irreversible. The more your blood glucose levels increase, the worse your dental health can become.

The fact of the matter is, everything in your body is connected. What happens to one area affects the entire system. It is important to maintain overall health in order to maintain oral health and vice versa.

Managing your weight is a great step towards health. It is so easy to say and so difficult to follow through with. Now that the weather has warmed, grab a friend and go for a walk. Just 30 minutes of activity a day can make a difference. Eating whole and nutritious foods and avoiding processed foods and excessive sugars.


Wishing you happy, healthy smile- Jessica