X-Ray Vision

I recently saw an article published in the New York Times about how people don’t need dental X-Rays every year. This article kind of terrifies me because, though it is well written and seems to have sound advice, I fear patients will only see the headline.

X-Rays give the dental team so much information that cannot be seen by just looking in the patient’s mouth. Cavities, bone level and any infection can only be seen with an X-Ray examination. Cavities that are detected early can sometimes be arrested with patient home care and fluoride treatment instead of a filling. Loss of bone can indicate that there was or is a periodontal infection and any abscess that may not be painful will only show up on an X-Ray. These are important diagnostics that are needed to make an effective treatment plan for each individual and their mouth.

Here at Dr. Berkal’s office we take care to only take the X-Rays necessary for treatment and no more. We minimize the already low risk of exposure to X radiation by using scatter preventing attachments on our cameras, and we always fit a patient with a lead apron and thyroid collar to protect the patient even more.

Dr. Berkal and her team always want what is best for their patients, and would never do anything unnecessary or harmful. Hopefully my breakdown of why we use X-rays and how they help us treat you in the best possible way helps with understanding that our recommendation for X-rays.


Wishing you happy, healthy smiles- Jessica